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Saffron Oud Eau De Perfume 100ml

Saffron Oud Eau De Perfume 100ml

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Kahf Saffron Oud Eau de Perfume 100 ml is an Eau de Parfum which has a fresh and slightly spicy aroma which is very suitable for use in the morning. With the product form being EDP, Kahf Saffron Oud has better blooming and long-lasting capabilities than other EDT version products. This EDP variant has a combination of saffron and oud aromas, creating a fresher and lighter aroma, and is also combined with sweet aromas of mandarin, patchouli and woody which makes it have its own unique aroma.

Notes pada Kahf Saffron Oud
Top Notes: Saffron, Clove, Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes: Oud, Rose, Leather
Bottom Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood

The following are several product claims based on efficacy test results:
1. Blooming & Long Lasting
2. Hypoallergenic: the formula does not cause allergies for use on the skin
3. Non-Irritant: the formula does not cause irritation for use on the skin

This series for EDP has also carried out several tests: vocal analysis (prosody), semantic analysis
(verbatim), psychometric scale (GEW), projective test (scrapbooking) and EmocharTM, by the Spin Control
Laboratory in France and analyzed by Neuroscience Expert, Arnaud Aubert .
● Vocal Analysis: Spincontrol categorizes the emotions felt by respondents based on
the intensity and frequency emitted by the respondent
● Semantic Analysis: Respondents express the emotions they feel and what memories they
remember when smelling the fragrance
● Psychometric Scale: Respondents give a score on the relevance of the list of emotions provided
by Spincontrol with the fragrance they tried
● EmocharTM: Combining Vocal Analysis and Semantic Analysis
● Projective Test: Spincontrol translates the emotions felt by respondents based on photos that best represent their feelings at that time
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